Top 3 “Quick” Dinner Cuts

Here are my top 3 “quick” dinner cuts.

Looking for some quick dinner cuts that are versatile and make everyone happy? Here are a list of the top 3 “quick” dinner cuts that I always have in my fridge or freezer.

1️⃣ Skirt steak is always on my list. A classic outer skirt is known for intense beefy flavor and when cooked correctly, tenderness. This cut is highly underrated and extremely versatile, creating some memorable and easy dinners. Tacos, slice it up on a salad, Season it marinade it or just serve it with oven roasted crispy potatoes. The cook time is the best part 2-3 minutes each side on a high heat and dinner is served.

2️⃣ Filet, the crème de la crème of meat. Known for its extreme tenderness. My kids go crazy for this cut. Another bonus the buttery flavor due to its lean characteristics, helping you win with your conscious if your trying to keep it lean this year. The cook is versatile, you can reverse sear to stay warm in the winter months( this takes longer) or get that grill up to high heat, sear it on each side for 1.5-2 minutes then lower the temp to finish. Always delicious and goes with any side dish you want. I love a good pasta Bolognese with it!

3️⃣ Spinalis, otherwise known as the ribeye cap. This cut is unique and not found at your local grocery store. This cut is unparalleled and creates the most powerful flavor and tenderness you can get from the steer due to intense marbling. I often serve this cut as an appetizer, a little goes a long way so it’s great for sharing. The cook for this magnificent cut is a high heat sear for 4 minutes each side. Slice and serve! I only season this with Maldon Salt the rest speaks for itself!

Mino’s video tutorial on all 3 cuts

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