“Angelina” New York (American Wagyu)

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“Angelina” is a 12oz American Wagyu New York Strip. This cut is a step above the traditional prime if your into intense meaty flavor and marbling you gotta give her a try!

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“Angelina” is a 12oz Boneless American Wagyu New York Strip

American Wagyu is a result of crossbreeding Japanese Wagyu with high-quality continental breeds of cattle from the United States. It is known for it’s tiny flakes of marbling throughout creating a tender, juicy and intense beef flavor that is a unique eating experience.

American Wagyu cuts are better handled with care, seared over high heat and sliced thinner. No need to add any fancy preparations either season with a coarse salt and your done. You just want to keep the steak on long enough to allow the marbling to melt, this is where you get that amazing rich flavor.


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