24 oz Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye

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35 Dry Aged for tenderness and flavor. The dry aging process gives the meat a more intense flavor. The bone adds presentation and extra flavor.


35 Dry Aged Bone in Ribeye is packed with flavor and beautifully marbled.

Is Dry Aged Beef worth the price tag?

I love this question because it depends on you? I believe it is but I have been eating steak the majority of my life. So I’m going to do my best to break it down quickly.

What is dry aging?

Dry aging has been around since the beginning of food preservation, before refrigeration( was that actually a thing?) In essence, dry aging is when you place meat in a controlled open-air environment to go through a flavor transformation. When you expose meat to air, moisture is pulled out and the natural enzymes in the beef break the muscles down over time, making it more tender. As the surface dries it creates a crust over the muscle, leaving what’s inside moist and red. I won’t go into the whole mold and yeasts that play a role in the final flavor but in short the longer you age it the stronger it gets. Normal aging takes place between 40 to 50 days.

How does dry aged beef not spoil?

The key is consistency-keeping a controlled temperature controls decomposition so the meat ages and not rots. When you control these three factors, air flow: to help form a crust, humidity: to slow down the migration of moisture and keep natural juices from running out and temperature: to prevent meat from spoiling you have the perfect environment. Once the process is completed, the dried-out layers around the exterior are cut away, leaving you with a beautifully aged, edible dark red piece of meat.

Some would say that dry aged beef creates a next level eating experience. The tenderness is incomparable accompanied by its nutty richer flavor, a perfect steak umami.

1 review for 24 oz Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye

  1. Daniel Bachrach (verified owner)

    Regardless of price this steak is fantastic, but for how much it costs it’s absolutely incredible.

    • MPrime351

      Thank you for the feedback Daniel, we appreciate your business and your review!

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