"The Gambatese" 18 oz Bone In Filet

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Only 2 cuts per steer, the “Gambatese” Bone in Filet is what I call the Money Cut. It has the tenderness of a normal filet but the flavor of a rib-eye with a little marbling and the bone…you can’t go wrong. P.s. Please don’t cook this cut over medium!!!!

2 reviews for “The Gambatese” 18 oz Bone In Filet

  1. Tisha Taylor

    Loved it! The filet was so tender and flavorful because it was on the bone. We grilled two of these for my birthday; would order again. At first my husband was skeptical about the cut, but after trying it, he would totally order again. It felt like we just ordered from a steakhouse.

    • MPrime351

      Thank you for taking the time to write a review Tisha!

  2. Dave Reasons (verified owner)

    Fantastic cut. As good as anything I have had in the most high end steakhouses.

    • MPrime351

      Thank you for the outstanding review! We appcriate your continued support

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