16 oz " Steegs Cut" Delmonico Ribeye

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This cut is the Steak Lover’s Choice.


35 day Aged. Exceptionally Rich. Enjoy this buttery ribeye flavor on the grill or cast iron skillet.

2 reviews for 16 oz ” Steegs Cut” Delmonico Ribeye

  1. John Ford

    I admit it, I was a little skeptical when I found Mino’s due to their great pricing on prime grade meat. After having communication with Mino & the customer service he gave me I placed a order. Part of that order was 2 of the 16oz ribeye’s. I cook my ribeye’s mainly the iron skillet method. I like a good sear/crust on my steak. I knew as soon as the knife sliced through the steak like butter that it was truly a prime grade of meat. The tenderness & flavor was outstanding! The 2nd ribeye wasn’t quite as tender as the first, but it was not tough either & had the same great flavor. It would be absurd to think every piece of meat you buy would be exactly the same. Between customer service, quality & pricing I’ll definitely will be a return customer. I highly recommend Mino’s!

    • MPrime351

      John, providing top notch customer service is very important to us so if you are ever unhappy with the quality we will gladly fix it. Thank you for your support!

  2. Chicha Sanders (verified owner)

    Where do I start. I live in Indiana and Mino’s met me in Chicago. I was skeptical but the ribeye was amazing. I compared it to a grocery store rib eye and the thickness and freshness could not compare to Mino’s rib eye. I will be buying more very soon. I marinated and grilled it on my charcoal grill.

    • MPrime351

      Thank you for trusting us with your business, we look forward to being your only provider for top quality cuts!!

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