Mino’s guide to the Perfect Grill Marks

As the summer draws to an end we have all clocked some grilling time by now. This is the point in the season when our skills are at their peak. You have mastered your grilling temps and you and your grill are simpatico. With that experience you have had the privilege of achieving the perfect grill marks, but if your not quite there than this tutorial is for you.

How to Get the Perfect Grill Marks


  1. Start with a Mino Prime Steak (any cut)
  2. If you like a dry brine, liberally sprinkle Maldon Salt all over the steak and put it in the fridge overnight. This step is not necessary, you can always season at the time of grilling.
  3. Heat your grill until you have achieved its highest temperature. Optimal temp is 500 degrees or higher. This will depend upon your grill.
  4. While the grill is heating up take your cuts out and allow them to come to room temperature, at least 25 minutes.


  1. Some say spray the grill with Pam grilling spray, I skip this step and let the meat dictate when it’s time to flip. You never want to force the meat to flip, if it is still sticking then let it ride a little bit longer until it naturally lifts.
  2. Place your cut on the grill at a diagonal, this will be easier with ribeye and strips, filets are center cut so just throw them on. You are going to sear each side for about 90 seconds. Once your steak lifts naturally after 90 seconds rotate the meat 90 degrees on the same side. Then repeat on the other side. You should get perfect grill marks every time.
  3. Once the cut is seared perfectly you should slow down the cooking process using indirect heat to get the internal temp up to that perfect medium rare or 125 degrees. Taking it off at 125 degrees will allow the meat to rest and not overcook.
  4. While cooking your steaks on indirect heat you can place a pan of butter, garlic, rosemary and a little bit of oil underneath the steak. The pan will catch any delicious juices and once the butter is melted it will be used to baste the steak to keep it moist. This step can be omitted, and the flavor will still be there, but a little butter never hurts!
  5. The time you keep the steak on the grill depends upon internal temp, or if your me I just go by feel, but if you don’t grill steak everyday you may not want to do this, use a thermometer. Baste the steak every minute. Once you get to 125 degrees take the meat off and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. Slice and enjoy!!!

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