16oz Kansas City Strip

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This 2″ thick Mino Prime KC Strip is a New York but packed with flavor from the bone.

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The "Manhattan Cut" version of the classic New York strip is trimmed for thickness and smaller portion size. This cut provides you with all the meaty flavor and marbling you love in a New York just smaller making it easier to sear and caramelize creating a perfect crust.


This 2″ thick 16oz. Mino Prime KC Strip is essentially the same as a 16oz. New York Strip it is still cut from the short loin of the cow, and it’s a tender cut that has a bit of marbling throughout the meat. Leaving the bone on gives this cut the Kansas City name. Leaving the bone attached releases flavor that you may not get with the a regular cut New York, which is why the Kansas City bone-in strip is a popular option to choose for any steak lover.

I like to prepare this cut with Maldon Salt, searing each side on high heat for 3 minutes each side to get a nice crust. Make sure your meat is at room temperature before grilling or searing in a cast iron making it more tender then when cooked straight out of the fridge.

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1 review for 16oz Kansas City Strip

  1. MICHAEL Koerner

    I served the kansas city strip dry aged 35 days alongside a ribeye for a family of 4. This steak was inhaled…I may have even sneaked a bite. It had more flavor than the prime ribeye and mom’s always love the bones.

    • MPrime351


      Thank you for the feedback! I am so glad you and your family enjoyed the KC’s!

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