Mino Prime Blackened Halibut

Grilling up some Mino Prime blackened halibut is quick and easy. Mino Prime wild caught Halibut is a wonderful fish. With its firm texture and mild flavor it creates a blank slate to add flavor with a spicy fruit salsa, making a great taco. Blackening halibut gives it a spicy, Smokey flavor giving it some depth.

How to make Blackened seasoning

Making your own blackened seasoning is pretty easy, but can have a lot of different spices. I like to keep everything easy so if I don’t have everything I need I just use Cajun seasoning. The ingredients are the same and it’s easy! But if you want to make your own then I combine the following:

  • Sweet or Smoked Paprika ( I prefer the smoked)
  • Ground Cumin
  • Dried Oregano
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Kosher Salt
  • Cayenne Pepper

Mix together all your ingredients in equal parts, no need to go crazy on exact measurements but you want to make sure you have enough for 4 Halibut filets. I make a 1 cup of seasoning. 16 Tablespoons makes 1 cup so a little over 2.5 tablespoons of each ingredient should get you close.

Preparing your Blackened Halibut

  • line plate with paper towel, place the Mino Prime Halibut on top
  • using a shallow dish coat each side of the Halibut with your blackening seasoning, rubbing it in as needed

How to Grill Blackened Halibut

The nice thing about a firm white fish is it is strong enough to hold up to a grill. I blacken several ways but using the grill is easy and gives the halibut that extra smokey flavor. Preparing the grill is important. With fish you don’t want to cook it on high, which is what we always use for Mino Prime steaks. Preparing your Charcoal grill for blackened halibut is a little different that if you are using gas.

Charcoal Grill

  • Prepare an indirect fire in two zones. Brush clean grates with oil( whichever you have but Avocado oil has a higher smoking point)
  • Make sure your grill is only to medium high temp
  • Place the Halibut on the hot side of the grill cooking for 4 minutes, flip and repeat on the second side.
  • Transfer the Halibut to the cool side of the grill lower heat to medium low and cook until internal temperature is 140 degrees. Use a internal food thermometer.
  • Let the fish rest until temperature is 145 degrees. Pulling it off at 140 will ensure your Halibut will not be overcooked.


  • Prepare grill to medium high temp, spray or brush grates with oil
  • Cook Halibut on each side for 4 minutes using a thinner spatula to flip
  • Decrease grill temperature to medium low, continue to cook the Halibut until the internal temperature is 140 degrees( use your internal food thermometer)
  • Allow the Halibut to rest until the internal temperature is 145 degrees

Make sure to watch your fish, 4 minutes on each side is all you need. Remember this is going to depend on thickness of the fish. Mino Prime wild caught Halibut fillets are usually 1 inch thick or more. If they are thicker you will increase the cooking time or use your internal food thermometer.

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