8 Bone Lamb Rack

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Mino Prime provides the highest quality product with this 8 bone lamb rack sourced from Fletcher Lamb

3 reviews for 8 Bone Lamb Rack

  1. Tim B. (verified owner)

    Sliced these coated them with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and herbs. Grilled them 3min per side and squeezed lemon juice on them while they rested. Delicious!

    • MPrime351

      Another great suggestion with the lemon! Amazing

  2. Chicha Sanders (verified owner)

    I normally get my rack of lab from Aldi when they offer it and after trying Mino’s rack of lamb I may never buy another one from Aldi. I sliced the rack of lamb, used some olive oil, rosemary, garlic and lemon on them then grilled them. Served them for breakfast with eggs and hash browns!! You taste freshness!!

    • MPrime351

      Lamb for breakfast! I love it!

  3. Todd Lux (verified owner)

    Quick grill, my kids call it “steak on a stick” and devour every bite! Absolutely amazing

    • MPrime351

      I love it! “Steak on a Stick” it has a good ring to it!

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