New Addition: Mauro Provisions Black Powder Rub

We deliver to Chicagoland and the surrounding suburbs Tuesday thru Friday. Any orders placed after 8pm Thursday will be delivered the following Tuesday.

All orders shipped out of state will be sent out on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please allow 2 to 3 days for delivery.

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Bases Covered Box

Enjoy Mino Prime’s favorite cuts with a box that covers all the bases.

Box Includes: 2—6 oz. Filets, 2—12 oz. French Cut Pork Chops, 1—Skirt Steak

Bone-In Box

Take your love for Filet up a notch with these two massive cuts. There are only two of these cuts to a steer lending this otherwise tender steak an exclusively rich flavor.

Box includes: 2—18 oz. Bone-in Filets, 1—Mino Prime Steak seasoning

Tomahawk box

This cut is often called the “Showstopper.” Impressive with its 18-inch long bone, this Ribeye is a crowned jewel of any dining experience and will make you feel like royalty.

Box Includes: 38 oz. Dry Aged Tomahawk Ribeye

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