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French Pork Chop Box

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If you love French Pork Chops then you can’t beat this deal! Stock up with a box 16 Mino Prime 12oz French Pork Chops for $100!

"Frequently Bought With"

"Ditka's Style" Double Cut Pork Chop

"Ditka's Style" Double Cut Pork Chop is a thick cut chop with two bones, twice as thick as a Mino Prime French Cut Chop, making it twice as nice! If you have ever been to Ditka's restaurant in Chicago you know know what I'm talking about, hence the name.

Center Cut Pork Chops

Pork Loin 2/pkg

Mino Prime Steaks Pork Rub Seasoning

Our pork rub blends spices, paprika, and cane sugar to create a flavorful mix that gives chops, loins and ribs an extra punch of flavor.


Need to stock up on weeknight staples then this box is for you. If you haven’t tried a 12oz French Pork Chop from Mino Prime yet your missing out. This box gives you plenty to serve for a large family gathering or keep in your freezer for a delicious weeknight meal. Get 16 Mino Prime 12oz French Pork Chops for $100, you can’t get that price in the grocery store.

“Frenched” is the when the meat is trimmed off of the rib in order to create a hand-held thick cut chop, making it great for grilling or searing in a cast iron pan then cooked over low heat. The key with pork is to not dry it out so a quick 2 minutes sear on medium high on each side then place on indirect heat for another 5 minutes.

Do I need to Brine these? No, if you do not over cook them they will be delicious. Remember if you use a thermometer you only need an internal temp of 140 degrees.

*Tip: Always get your meat to room temperature before grilling or cooking.

If you need some inspiration check out these recipes to level up your week.

Cast Iron French Pork Chop

Grilled Lemon Grass French Pork Chop

[email protected]_darryl Cajun French Pork Chops with a mushroom cream sauce


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