Our Story

Mino Prime

Mino Prime was born out of necessity. A 15 year veteran of the restaurant industry, Mino was thrust into uncertainty when his restaurant closed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the adversity, Mino got to work to provide for his family. With immense knowledge about his favorite food, Steak, he set out to provide his network the best Prime Meat money can buy.

The rest they say, is history. Mino Prime’s commitment to quality, customer service, and speedy delivery spread like wildfire. Everyone who took a bite of Mino Prime Steak immediately tasted the difference and spread the word to their friends and family and MinoPrime.com was created to keep up with demand.

Since then, Mino is living his dream. Offering Restaurant Quality Meats at grocery store prices, Mino Prime’s goal is to bring a little extra joy to your Kitchen and Family.


Mino Emini

“Nobody knows Steak like Mino does”

It’s a well known fact that Mino knows food. Being in the restaurant business, Mino knows how to bring a smile to peoples faces with food.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, Mino saw a way to not only provide for his family, but to touch even more peoples lives by sharing his love and knowledge of food.

Since starting Mino Prime, Mino is living out his dream, by providing top quality cuts of meat and helping others experience the difference freshness, attention to detail, and prime meat makes.

Thank you for joining us in this journey and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Thank you!