BBQ Trends 2022

Calling All Camping Enthusiasts!

Here are some portable grills that are worth the money

This gas grill that works great, has a lot of surface area and attaches to the back of your vehicle. I have one and love it!

A great portable grill for boating or family picnics. It has a lot of surface area to grill up anything from a Tomahawk to some Mino Prime 10 oz. Delmonico’s.

Great for camping. This grill has two adjustable burners that let off a lot of heat. It’s light weight, portable and easy to use.

Salt Stone—$30 and up. These are not a new item but are gaining in popularity again and make grilling delicate fish a breeze by using indirect nonstick heating approach. Don’t worry these blocks do not add intense salty flavor but just a slight enhancement making this a must have for any seafood lover. Check out the review of this Salt Stone in the Chicago Tribune

Must Haves for BBQ and Smoking Fans

I was introduced to this by a neighbor and loved it. These cast iron rings are designed to be used with your existing patio fire pit. The idea is to have a hibachi style cooking surface to cook anything from veggies to quick seared wagyu. A company called Breeo out of Pennsylvania creates a smokeless firepit that is incredible, the craftsmanship is top notch. The cooking surface is better for meats, but you can buy the outdoor grill attachments for $140, giving you more flexibility.

Meat Claws

These are a must have for shredding, carving and handling smoked meats. If you have ever tried to shred a beautifully cooked Mino Prime Pork Shoulder without them you know, and your hands will thank you for them!

Smoker Box

Not new but great for your gas grill to add those layers of flavor to your meats. Watch out for cheap versions, they will warp and rust easily. Smoker boxes can go under the grate or above. Boxes that go below will be closer to the heat source allowing the soaked wood to burn up quickly. This can create a cumbersome experience when trying to add more soaked wood during the cooking process. This Weber box goes on top of the grates. Make sure you soak the wood chips for an hour before you throw them in allowing them to smolder so the smoke can unfold.

Roasting Syringe

Some meat connoisseurs shy away from these, but they have become increasingly popular and can allow you to step up your game taking the taste of your meat to the next level. I like these for poultry, which tends to dry out even with the low and slow method. Why not try injecting your Cowboy Ribeye with infused butter and see that happens?

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